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SEO copywriting services are used to create content with thorough keyword research that will improve your reach and connect with your target audience.

A1 SEO's expert SEO copywriters are experienced in digital marketing and effective SEO copywriting to get your website ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

With tailored landing pages, engaging blog content, and other SEO copywriting services, your company can build brand awareness and generate leads much faster.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is all about producing content with a focus on both search engine optimisation and human interest. What this means is creating natural-sounding, high-quality content that will appeal to people. Simultaneously, SEO copywriters will create SEO content that will improve search engine rankings.

There is a delicate balance between writing engaging SEO content and achieving high search rankings without sounding robotic. Our SEO copywriting experts maintain a balance between interesting SEO content creation and keyword strategy to gain organic traffic and potential customers.

It’s important to receive organic traffic from a Google search in digital marketing, but the purpose of optimised content in an SEO strategy is mainly to create conversions from your target audience into leads and sales.

SEO copywriting services extend beyond simply producing content for landing pages. Here are a few other important aspects of your content strategy that our dedicated team of SEO copywriters will take into consideration:

  • An analysis of your current SEO copy

  • Your marketing goals

  • The social channels of your business

  • Nurturing relationships with happy clients

  • Ensuring cost-effective brand messages for your business

And more! Additionally, our SEO copywriting services will implement the following strategies and tasks to tick all the boxes without resorting to cheap tricks:

  • Optimising your current SEO copy for more traffic on your website

  • Market search intent research

  • SEO content formatting

  • Building links

  • Creating content for a product page, article, landing page, blog, and more

  • Thorough keyword research

  • Maintaining loyal customers with dedicated content marketing

  • Strong calls to action (CTAs)

  • Creating meta tags and metadata


Importance of SEO Copywriting

You can easily improve your website performance and gain leads with ease with quality copy and optimised content.

Our SEO services can improve your web development in addition to helping your business rank well in organic search results. With our quality SEO copywriting services, your business gains a competitive edge by ranking above competitors in search engines, establishing business credibility, and spreading brand awareness.

Using our copywriting agency to create a strong content strategy also plays a big role in gaining organic traffic and retaining your customers. Consistent digital marketing ensures your website is up-to-date, regularly lists well in search rankings, and engages your target audience.

SEO Copywriting Will Allow You To

  • Save time by avoiding SEO training and writing processes
  • Publish relatable SEO copy for your audience
  • Hire writers who won’t make spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Gain more website traffic on Google
  • Commence digital marketing with persuasive SEO copywriting
  • Optimise your website
  • Boost conversions
  • Reach new potential clients from search rankings
  • Save money
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Stay relevant in your industry


of your traffic will be driven by organic search (SEO), on average. 



of digital marketers say SEO is the best channel for ROI.


is the conversion rate you can expect from your SEO traffic.



of US shoppers use search engines to research before buying.

Case Studies

New eCommerce Store Doing £200K A Week

New eCommerce Store Doing £200K A Week

  • + £200,000 increase in weekly sales
  • + 142 keywords on page 1 of Google
  • + 4,000 new monthly visits from Google
  • + 35 new keywords in position 1 of Google
An Additional £1.5M In Revenue For Finance Lead Generation Site

An Additional £1.5M In Revenue For Finance Lead Generation Site

  • + £1,618,000 additional revenue generated from Google
  • + 3,236 increase in high-value leads from Google (+434%)
  • + 92,865 increase in visitors from Google (+752%)
  • + 163 new keywords ranking in position 1
250% Increase In Bookings For Travel Website

250% Increase In Bookings For Travel Website

  • + 87.59% increase in organic traffic (+73,612 visitors)
  • + 249.5% increase in bookings from Google (+5,867 bookings)
  • + $1,973,345.69 increase in revenue from Google
  • + 225 new keywords in position 1 of Google


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Mark Simpson

“The communication has been excellent. It feels like they are part of your team and you have the expertise and resources of multiple people at A1 SEO. We’ve seen continuous growth on our key pages that we want to drive.”

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Jonny Livingston

“If you are looking for an SEO agency, then A1 SEO are the ones to go to. They understand different niches, have tonnes of experience, are approachable, friendly and there’s no fluff. They get things done that need to get done.”

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Raheela Mohammed

“It brings customers to the door. My SEO has been A1 SEO since day 1. A1 SEO are pushing us so that we are at the top of Google locally and nationally. They know how my business works. With bigger companies you won’t get that.”

Our SEO Copywriting Process


As your dedicated SEO agency, an A1 SEO copywriter will begin with research before writing compelling articles to rank on search engines. We work closely with our clients to gather as much information as possible about your brand and services. Our team will analyse your industry, your business's existing product pages, any article/blog on your site, your competitors, as well as your audience.

After the research stage, our SEO copywriting company will plan your content marketing strategy. We will establish your business goals, link-building prospects, marketing streams, keyword research for search engines, and more.

With this knowledge of our clients, our copywriters will create quality content for your brand in line with your goals, whether this be to drive web traffic into sales, establish your business credibility, or place well in Google search results.

Our team of writers will successfully produce quality campaigns for your evaluation and approval. We use professional SEO tools to ensure your content ranks well on search engines and thoroughly proofread it before it reaches your desk.

Once your content, formatting, and keywords are in place, our team will monitor the measurable results of our content services. We can adjust all future website content for our clients based on this feedback and search engine performance. In turn, we can track your success along the way and celebrate together!

Tools Used
Screaming Frog
Google Tag Manager (GTM)
List Item
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Static HTML

Your Client Journey with A1 SEO



As one of the leading SEO copywriting agencies in the UK, our team begins your copywriting journey with an efficient onboarding process to make sure we're all on the same page.

Once your contract is signed, we will brief your business on your website's technical, on-page, and off-page audits.

As part of our copywriting services, we will also create your own tailored reporting dashboard so you can have complete oversight of your SEO copywriting strategy's performance. At this stage, we also ask your business to fill out a couple of forms to help our internal team put together a strong copywriting strategy.


Strategy Call

After the onboarding stage, you will already have quality deliverables being completed against your account.

By now, our team of copywriters and content specialists will have spent a considerable amount of time familiarising themselves with your industry and brand. We'll reach out to your business to arrange a deep dive call to go through our proposed strategy before we begin to write for your site.

This allows brands to offer us feedback so that we can tailor your copywriting further to meet your SEO business goals. We expect all of our clients to commit to regular catch-ups, ideally on a bi-weekly basis.


Niche Analysis

Armed with the knowledge gained from the onboarding process and our strategy call, our team of SEO writers will conduct an in-depth niche analysis, covering every topic and sub-topic within your industry and brand.

From here, our SEO copywriting agency will create a master database containing each page of your business website and what is required to start moving the needle in an extremely granular way. This process takes anywhere from 20 to 500+ hours!


SEO Copywriting Strategy

While your granular page-level strategy is being devised, our SEO specialists will crawl through your Google Search Console account to find the biggest opportunities for external links to increase your website's visibility.

We look for pages where earned links will move the needle in a big way, getting you the best possible ROI for your budget.

Our team of writers has the ability to deliver scalable off-page SEO strategies and pages from day 5 for our clients!


SEO Scale Up

The previous steps in our website SEO copywriting process tend to take 1-3 months. By this point, you will begin to see movement in the SERPs and will have a good idea of how we work, write, and operate.

All of the systems we have put in place for your business to date are designed to scale up nicely. At this stage, it is a case of being aggressive; we will consistently write new content for your site with relevant keywords inserted naturally. Additionally, our copywriters will focus on optimising older pieces of content, too.

Our SEO specialists will prioritise your website traffic by building links, regularly performing rigorous keyword research, and writing relatable, persuasive copy.



A1 SEO has a wealth of knowledge. Our SEO experts are familiar with current best practices. In extremely competitive industries, A1 SEO has collaborated with some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world and provided copywriting services for optimised content with well-placed keywords.

We are highly skilled, meticulous in our planning, and diligent. This enables us to increase traffic and significantly affect the amount of money that flows through your company. Whether you need a blog, a new landing page, an optimisation of your old copy, or more, we know the ins and outs of the business.

A1 SEO’s expertise is increasing keyword rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue. Our methodical SEO services consistently produce quantifiable returns on investment.



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Wesley Mould

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Hello there!

I’m Graham Grieve, the principal SEO expert at A1 SEO.

The SEO experts at A1 SEO specialise only in SEO. That indicates that your website’s ranking is the sole focus of your budget. Websites in some of the most competitive niches have been ranked by A1 SEO and have benefited from our SEO copywriting and keywords services. Our campaigns are open, and our SEO instruction is simple.

Call me if you have any questions, so we can improve the search engine positioning of your website with compelling content.

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Is AI content bad for SEO?

While Google will allow you to post ethically sourced AI-generated content, it is not the best idea. Even though it can be tempting to generate copy in seconds, most AI-generated copy is generic, robotic, and repetitive. Human-written content is much more likely to connect with your audience and convert into leads.

Our SEO copywriting service is solely provided by human writers. We utilise technologically advanced AI detectors to ensure that your content is completely devoid of any copy akin to AI-generated content.

What should be avoided in SEO copywriting?

Here are a few common copywriting mistakes we've seen on websites that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Over-stuffing keywords
  • Lack of research
  • Long and complicated sentences
  • Unclear headings
  • Negative perspectives
  • Sounding too salesy
  • Weak tone of voice
  • Overwhelming formats and structures

How long does it take for a new website to rank?

With a strong SEO content strategy, your new website should take approximately 3–6 months to rank on the first page of Google.

What types of content are covered by SEO copywriting services?

A1 SEO offers many different kinds of content for your company:

  • Blog posts
  • Home pages
  • Service and product pages
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Brand messaging
  • Metadata
  • And more!

What is a search intent?

Search intent is the intention a user has when they are searching for something online. For example, they could be seeking information or services as a solution to a problem they are facing.

What is the purpose of building links?

Link building means getting other websites to have content that links to your own website. The purpose of this is to show Google that your content is valuable and credible. In turn, this boosts your search engine rankings and ultimately generates more leads.

What are the SERP criteria for Google?

There are several important criteria that search engines consider for SERP ranking. Here are a few of the most important aspects of your copy that can influence this decision:

  • How valuable and original your content is
  • Your website's speed and security
  • The length and structure of your content
  • How many backlinks are in your copy
  • The search intent behind your site
  • How relevant your copy is
  • How relevant and up-to-date the copy is
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Mobile and desktop user experience

What information do I need to supply to an SEO copywriter?

It's important to provide as much information as possible to our copywriters for the best experience. Here are a few examples that can dramatically improve your content strategy:

  • Company goals
  • Niche and main keywords
  • Preferred tone of voice
  • Expectations
  • Budget