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The fundamental behind any succesful SEO Campaign.

Link building is the art of requesting a link back to your website from other websites in your field.

A1 SEO Linkbuilding

What is Linkbuilding and why is it so important?

Often, the number of domains that link to your website is cited as one of (if not THE) most important ranking factor. At A1 SEO, we’ve developed a vast network of legitimate websites that we may contact for link building.

If your rivals have a high search engine ranking, they will be developing links at scale. But developing connections is hard work. Let A1 SEO handle your link building efforts; this is our area of expertise.

How can Linkbuilding help you dominate your niche?

Link building is an art. During the link building and outreach process, we must ensure that each connection is as powerful and feasible. Our method is based on 8 years of experience in link building for local, eCommerce, and international SEO. It is a tried and true strategy that consistently yields benefits for our clients month after month.

What is Linkbuilding and why is it so important?

A1 SEO Linkbuilding

The number of websites linking to your website has often been touted as one of (if not THE) most important rankings factors. At A1 SEO, we have worked with a wide network of real websites that we can approach when building links.

Your competitors will be building links if they are ranking well on search engines. But building links is hard work. Let A1 SEO take care of your link building efforts – it is what we do best.

How can Linkbuilding help you dominate your niche?

Linkbuilding is an art. During the link building and outreach process, we need to make sure every link packs as much of a punch as possible. Our process is based on 6 years of link building experience working on local, eCommerce and international SEO. It is a tried and tested method that delivers results month after month for our clientele.

Our Linkbuilding & Outreach Process

1. The Link Audit.

First things first...

We begin by examining the links you currently own. This is a decent estimate of the amount of effort necessary to reach the top of the search engine results page for the chosen keywords.


1. Quality

Not all links are equal. Some individual may do you more damage than good. We evaluate the site's traffic, authority, and general design.

2. Volume

With Google, choosing quality over quantity is often a wise move. We assess the number of high-quality links connecting to your website, and then the rate at which new connections are created.

3. Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that is highlighted in a URL. Anchor text should be a combination of brand, relevant keyword, and precise keyword. There is a delicate balance, which we consider while analysing your connection profile.

4. Competitor Benchmark

The final step is to thoroughly examine the link profiles of your rivals. This provides us with a clearer insight of the competitive environment and the extent of the effort necessary to acquire the ideal links.

2. Citation Building.

The next step...

Once we know where we are in terms of link acquisition, we can move on to one of the simplest aspects of link building: citation creation.

Citations are simply entries in online business directories such as and In the past, SEOs would submit your website to hundreds of directories and refer to this practise as link building. Today, citations are created using directories.

Citations aid Google in validating your company’s name, address, phone number, and website. Consistency in this field helps Google validate your location. This affirmation might increase your visibility on Google Maps and in local search results.

3. Outreach.

and finally...

After building citations, outreach is the next step; it is the most time-consuming aspect of link building.

Outreach is the process of reaching out to webmasters, bloggers, and website owners — essentially anybody with access to a website – in order to either upsell your content in exchange for a link or provide bespoke content in exchange for a link.

Outreach through content is a simple technique to amplify your existing content assets by directly engaging the online community to generate links to your website.

The A1 SEO team understands what types of content produce links.

We begin outreach programmes by identifying high-quality material that demonstrates thought leadership. What is thought, leadership? Thought leadership is highly reputable and in-depth industry-specific material.

We also consider information that might naturally attract connections, such as lists, advice, and how to thrive in general.

After identifying high-quality content, we develop a list of possible websites whose visitors might be interested in this material.

Once we have a list of prospects, we send them personalised emails that combine our high-quality material with other publications.

It continues from there. Developing a rapport with content decision-makers is a part of the procedure. We have a significant number of websites with whom we have worked in the past and with whom we maintain positive relationships.

Outreach via guest blogging entails approaching websites that may have a content need that we may fill. We provide the written material in return for a link. It involves an exchange of value.

Identifying excellent websites that allow guest articles is the first step. As several websites are set up to accept guest articles and charge individuals for the opportunity, the focus here is on quality. While a single link from a low-quality website is unlikely to hurt your site, a huge number of links from these sites will. We concentrate on niche-specific guest blogging opportunities that are of high quality, English-speaking, and edited by humans.

Once we have compiled a list of quality websites, we approach each one with a proposal for original content.

We follow up with and cultivate genuine connections with site editors.

After an opportunity has been authorised, the following step is to draught the material and submit it for review.

There may be a publication charge in certain situations. It is against Google’s policies to acquire links, so this is a bit of a grey area. However, some legitimate sites have this policy in place, and we often make a decision based on the appearance of the site, its traffic, and data such as domain authority and keyword rankings.

As a consequence of successful link-building efforts, we have achieved fantastic results for FMCG companies in the food industry. Yes, we received a lot of links, but the extra brand awareness outreach campaigns may produce is not to be overlooked and is a significant additional advantage of executing outreach campaigns.

Everyone is familiar with influencer outreach. Done the proper way (avoiding bogus ‘influencers’), our link building outreach programmes operate in the same way — generating massive brand and/or product recognition coupled with the advantages of a successful link building campaign.

A1-SEO Linkbuilding Results

How long before you see results?

Those classic two little words...

SEO specialists are often familiar with the term “it depends.” While it varies, here are some general guidelines:

  1. When working with a well-established website and making small modifications, it is realistic to expect results within a few weeks.
  2. The procedure for new sites might take between four and nine months.
  3. Sites that have been penalised by Google may see a considerably slower rate of recovery and may even worsen before they improve.

Consequently, it is dependent. For both new and old sites, the timescales vary.

How long before you see results?

Those classic two little words...

SEO consultants tend to be well versed with the phrase “it depends”. Whilst it does depend, here are some rough pointers:

1. It is reasonable to see success in a matter of weeks when working with a well-established site making minor tweaks.

2. For new sites, the process can be anywhere between 4 and 9 months.

3. Sites hit with Google penalties can see a much slower improvement time and sometimes get worse before they get better.

Therefore it does depend. For new and existing sites the goalposts move.

A1-SEO Linkbuilding Results

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