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Using Digital PR services to build brand awareness is the fastest way to reach your target audience. A1 SEO is a leading Digital PR agency in the UK, with a focus on expert content marketing and search engine rankings.

With our no-nonsense approach, your media relations will improve, and you can increase organic website traffic to your website.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR, or digital public relations, is all about maximising your online coverage.

Digital PR services achieve high authority publications and media placements with the right audience. In doing so, effective Digital PR campaigns will improve brand awareness and drive traffic to your website through excellent ranking in search results and valuable backlinks.

While Digital PR specialists will focus on search engine results and high-quality backlinks, it’s also a lot more than that. A Digital PR campaign will create content in the digital space that will connect with readers, offer solutions to their problems, and produce results that can be shared.

A Digital PR strategy is a method of content marketing that will directly relate to target audiences and boost engagement, profits, and brand reputation.


Importance of Digital PR

So, why is Digital PR important?

Digital PR services can do a lot for your business goals, and there are essentially no limits to the potential of Digital PR campaigns. With help from the A1 SEO Digital PR experts, a strong PR strategy can set you up for SEO success by building brand awareness with potential customers. Using authoritative links, you can establish thought leadership and create a business reputation of market leaders in your field.

Digital marketing also plays an important role in generating new customers and leads. With a personalised approach to Digital PR, your content marketing will reflect your expertise and connect to audiences with organic rankings.

Digital PR services can be a lot more powerful than traditional PR, as the online landscape offers many different marketing channels to a much wider audience.

Digital PR Will Allow You To

  • Gain organic traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Improve online presence
  • Build relationships with journalists for further media coverage
  • Improve brand credibility
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Increase valuable link-building


of your traffic will be driven by organic search (SEO), on average. 



of digital marketers say SEO is the best channel for ROI.


is the conversion rate you can expect from your SEO traffic.



of US shoppers use search engines to research before buying.

Case Studies

New eCommerce Store Doing £200K A Week

New eCommerce Store Doing £200K A Week

  • + £200,000 increase in weekly sales
  • + 142 keywords on page 1 of Google
  • + 4,000 new monthly visits from Google
  • + 35 new keywords in position 1 of Google
An Additional £1.5M In Revenue For Finance Lead Generation Site

An Additional £1.5M In Revenue For Finance Lead Generation Site

  • + £1,618,000 additional revenue generated from Google
  • + 3,236 increase in high-value leads from Google (+434%)
  • + 92,865 increase in visitors from Google (+752%)
  • + 163 new keywords ranking in position 1
250% Increase In Bookings For Travel Website

250% Increase In Bookings For Travel Website

  • + 87.59% increase in organic traffic (+73,612 visitors)
  • + 249.5% increase in bookings from Google (+5,867 bookings)
  • + $1,973,345.69 increase in revenue from Google
  • + 225 new keywords in position 1 of Google


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Mark Simpson

“The communication has been excellent. It feels like they are part of your team and you have the expertise and resources of multiple people at A1 SEO. We’ve seen continuous growth on our key pages that we want to drive.”

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Jonny Livingston

“If you are looking for an SEO agency, then A1 SEO are the ones to go to. They understand different niches, have tonnes of experience, are approachable, friendly and there’s no fluff. They get things done that need to get done.”

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Raheela Mohammed

“It brings customers to the door. My SEO has been A1 SEO since day 1. A1 SEO are pushing us so that we are at the top of Google locally and nationally. They know how my business works. With bigger companies you won’t get that.”

Our Digital PR Process


As your Digital PR agency, A1 SEO will first commence with research before launching into writing creative content. We work closely with clients to gather as much information as possible to gain a deep understanding of your brand. This includes analysing your product pages, how you make a real difference to your customers, how you earn links, and studying your target audience and brand awareness.

After the research stage, our Digital PR team will plan Digital PR campaigns for your brand, which will be slightly different from traditional PR campaigns. It will include establishing your goals, link-building prospects, digital marketing streams, compelling content, keyword research for search engines, and more.

Our Digital PR specialists will then implement these plans and write quality content for your brand in line with your goals, whether this be to drive traffic or establish your brand in thought leadership or expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). Our PR team will successfully produce campaigns for your evaluation and approval.

Once your PR campaigns are complete, our Digital PR agency will monitor the measurable results of our Digital PR services. Results speak!

With this information, we can adjust any future Digital PR campaign for improvement and track your success.

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Your Client Journey with A1 SEO



Digital PR agencies exist to make your life easier and make your brand shine.

Once your contract is signed, we will begin our onboarding process. Our Digital PR onboarding process kicks off your digital marketing journey with ease.

Before we start to build links and visibility for your brand and get the clients rolling in, we will brief your business on your website's technical, on-page, and off-page audits.

As part of our Digital PR consultant services, we will also create your own tailored reporting dashboard so you can have complete oversight of your SEO strategy's performance.

At this stage, we also ask your business to fill out a couple of forms to help our internal teams put together a digital marketing strategy.


Strategy Call

After the onboarding stage, you will already have deliverables being completed against your account, and the clock will be ticking towards increased rankings for your brand.

By now, our Digital PR consulting team will have spent a considerable amount of time familiarising themselves with your industry and brand. We'll reach out to your business to arrange a deep dive call to go through our proposed strategy.

This allows brands to offer us feedback so that we can tailor your Digital PR strategy further to meet your SEO business goals. We expect all of our clients to commit to regular catch-ups, ideally on a bi-weekly basis.


Niche Analysis

Now we can start cooking with gas! Armed with the knowledge gained from the onboarding process and our strategy call, our team of SEO experts will conduct an in-depth niche analysis, covering every topic and sub-topic within your industry and brand.

From here, our Digital PR company will create a master database containing each page of your business website and what is required to start moving the needle in an extremely granular way. This process takes anywhere from 20 to 500+ hours!


Digital PR Strategy

While your granular page-level strategy is being devised, our team of in-house Digital PR experts will crawl through your Google Search Console account to find the biggest opportunities for external links to increase visibility.

We look for pages where earned links will move the needle in a big way, getting you the best possible ROI for your budget. With our Digital PR services spanning the research and planning phase for clients, creating content and backlinks, and evaluating success, you're guaranteed quick wins.

As one of the leading Digital PR agencies in the UK, our team has the ability to deliver scalable off-page SEO strategies from day 5 for our clients!


SEO Scale Up

The previous steps in our process tend to take 1-3 months. By this point, you will begin to see movement in the SERPs and will have a good idea of how we work and operate.

All of the systems we have put in place for your business to date are designed to scale up nicely. At this stage, it is a case of being aggressive with publishing new Digital PR content and optimising older pieces of content. We will also focus on your visibility by building links and backlinks and keeping on top of the website's technical SEO for your business.



A1 SEO has a wealth of knowledge in Digital PR. Our content experts are familiar with current best practices and provide an invaluable digital marketing service to brands.

In extremely competitive industries, we have collaborated with some of the fastest-growing businesses and brands in the world. We are highly skilled, meticulous in our planning, and diligent. This enables us to perform an advanced link-building service for more traffic and significantly affects the amount of money that flows through your company.

Our expertise in increasing keyword rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue leads to valuable links, improved reputation and awareness for brands, and higher profits.

Our methodical SEO techniques consistently produce quantifiable returns on investment. With our elite Digital PR services, brands can thrive, connect with their target market, and make their services known on a global scale.



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Hello there!

I’m Graham Grieve, the principal SEO expert at A1 SEO.

Our A1 experts specialise in digital marketing. Prioritising your website’s ranking should be the sole focus of your budget. As important brands offering valuable solutions to customers, your company has the most to gain from a strong Digital PR campaign and strategy.

Websites in some of the most competitive niches have been ranked by our company, and for good reason. Our expertise and services make a colossal difference to the digital landscape, and our strategies are designed to reach thousands — if not millions — of customers in your specific target market.

Our Digital PR service campaigns are open, and our Digital PR instruction is simple.

Call me if you have any questions. Let’s improve your digital marketing and the search engine positioning of your website together.

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What is the difference between traditional PR and Digital PR?

Traditional PR markets your company on physical platforms, such as newspapers, while Digital PR has more marketing channels, like your website, social media, blogs, etc.

What are the benefits of Digital PR?

Digital PR services can benefit your company in the following ways:

  • Improve your brand's credibility and awareness
  • Build target market reach
  • Improve search engine optimisation
  • Generate leads and investments
  • Build a positive ROI

How does social media influence Digital PR?

Social media plays a big role in Digital PR. This is because you can reach a large audience immediately. Additionally, you can reach online influencers, who can spread awareness about brands and improve your credibility.

Social media platforms also have built-in tools for marketing and measuring insights, such as Facebook Ads. This is a great way to understand how your message is connecting with your audience and how successful your campaigns are.

What are the components of Digital PR?

Digital marketing is made up of search engine optimisation, content and influencer marketing, and social media. Building links also make up an important part of Digital PR services. With these different strategies, you can connect with your specific target market with a compelling message, and our team can create a Digital PR plan for your company.

How does a Digital PR agency make a PR plan?

A digital marketing plan has four basic components:

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Tactics

With these clarified, your Digital PR company will understand what you wish to accomplish in measurable objectives, create strategies to meet these goals, and establish specific marketing techniques, like building links, to support those strategies and obtain strong results.

Why is building links important?

Building strong links is extremely important for brands trying to increase their reach. It improves your company's authority and expertise, as well as your credibility. In turn, this creates more backlinks. Building links regularly will also improve organic search rankings, which will increase traffic to your site and generate more leads.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are essentially links on a website that direct the user to another. Backlinking is an essential service for brands to show search engines that they are credible companies. This can improve your search ranking.

These links improve your brand reputation, as search engines will consider your services more useful for potential clients, in turn generating more leads.

How do you know if a PR campaign is successful?

There are many different ways to tell if your Digital PR campaign was successful.

For one, your campaign can be measured by the number of times your brand is mentioned in press articles. Your social media engagement also plays a significant role in understanding the success of your campaign. This is because high levels of reach and engagement reflect how well your marketing message is being received by your target market.

You will also be able to tell if the campaign was successful or not based on higher traffic on your site, particularly if that traffic is converting into sales. Other ways that you can track the success of your campaign could be:
  • Mentions of your brand on social media through tags or hashtags
  • Your profit figures
  • The number of backlinks to your website