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This website came to A1 SEO in the summer of 2022. The website was running in Magento and a migration to WordPress was currently underway. The client had worked with various services providers in the past and had received limited results that were un-aligned with the business’ objectives.


Our strategy for this website was fairly straightforward, except for one major obstacle – we could not tweak any content due to a site-wide content freeze whilst the new website was being built.

This limited us to focusing on off-page signals and some weaker integral signals, alongside fixing any existing issues on the Magento website.

Off Page Signals

The website had received 0 off page attention from previous firms. 

We started out with a citation campaign to win some foundational links.

Next, we focused on winning links from niche-relevant websites with the aim of powering up both the homepage and some strategically selected inner pages.

Link velocity of 7 was achieved and maintained.

Technical Issues

The site was actually pretty stable.

Magento can be tricky to work with, but the output in terms of structure, navigation and natural internal linking is unbeaten out of the box.

We had some routine tweaks to redirects and broken pages, but nothing major.


The majority of our work focused on getting a delayed migration project.

When we came on board, the site was due to launch in 2 weeks. We had to push quite firmly to delay this as none of the initial SEO requirements had bee carried out and severe major SEO requirements had not been properly scoped.

A big part of this project was that we wanted to bring the existing canonical structure over from Magento.

A lot of people think that because a URL is not indexed or is set as canonical that it doesn’t carry any value. However, from tests we have run, we are fairly confident that Google is using CrUX data to power parts of their algorithm. 

What is important about this is that on eCommerce sites that use Magento, the majority of pages that users navigate to (not land on) are non-canonical, meaning they are duplicates of another page. This root page (the selected canonical) is typically unnavigable on most journeys.

What we seen Magento migrations ignore canonical structures and burn.

Though use of rewrites we were able to keep alive the canonical URLs and legacy Magento structure to stagger redirects into stock WordPress structure at a later date.

After we had a nice pool of fresh, high-quality links, it was simply a case of rinse and repeat.

Results After 6 Months

0 %
increase in sales from organic search
X 0
return on investment from SEO spend
£ 0
increase in the cost of traffic
0 %
increase in share of the voice
0 %
increase in keywords above the fold on Google
0 %
increase in keywords on page 1 (1136 vs 758)
0 %
increase in keywords ranking position 1-3 (474 vs 197)



Aislinn Corbet

SEO Account Manager
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Aryan Magandia

SEO Linkbuilder

Avegail Serote-Dayuja

SEO Content Assistant

Bela Pechau

SEO Copywriter

Brittany Anderson

SEO Copywriter

Bronwyn Kruger

SEO Copywriter

Dean Crafford

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gabrielle van Hinsbergen

SEO Copywriter

Graham Grieve

SEO Consultant

Isha Ranchod

SEO Content Team Lead

Jayson de Guzman

Outreach Lead

Jodie Lawrence

SEO Copywriter

Mark Ian Domaldo

SEO Linkbuilder
Meet the Team - Placeholder

Maecie Camata

SEO Executive
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Monique Oberholzer

SEO Copywriter
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Micha Ginos

SEO Content Assistant

Mike Gil

Technical SEO Executive

Nanette le Roux

SEO Copywriter
Nicole H

Nicole Hing

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sanjay Khemlani

Junior Developer

Slobodan Lazic (Laza)

Technical SEO Manager
Shannon Nattar

Shannon Nattar

SEO Copywriter

Simoné Visser

Stephan Hansen

Stephan Hansen

SEO Consultant

Tali Rossen

Outreach Copywriter

Tayla Murray

SEO Copywriter

Tep Jovellano

SEO Executive

Vince Belak

Affiliate Marketing Executive


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